About Me

Hi! This is my first blog. I hope to develop this blog with personal updates, provide some life observations, and share with whatever is on my mind. I won’t have any particular topic or niche I will focus on but as a start I thought I could share some feelings I had with my recent change in life.

What was the change? Well after nineteen years of service, I was laid off from a large Aerospace Company. As of November, I joined the millions of unemployed due to the 2020 pandemic that has ravaged our country’s economy. This was the first and only job I had coming out of college. It was a dream of mine to get a job in the aerospace industry as my childhood love was airplanes. Because of that interest and enthusiasm, I wanted to study engineering and get into the aerospace industry.

I always enjoyed science as a child and going through elementary school. Looking at the stars in the sky was always an inspiration to me and made me more curious of the universe and world around us. It wasn’t until fifth grade that I learned of engineering. Engineers were those who used the knowledge of science on more practical matters to create things to help humans to help solve problems. From that point on, I knew I wanted to be an engineer.

I made my way to college and chose mechanical engineering. The curriculum was challenging and there was a point where I wondered if I should switch majors to physics. But I stuck with mechanical engineering and it turned out to be a very interesting and enjoyable discipline of engineering. In particular, I leaned into the areas of thermal-fluids of mechanical engineering. One, I enjoyed the material and two, it was an area that was directly applicable to aerospace.

After completing two degrees I reached my dream job of working for one of the premier aerospace companies in the world! I could not be happier moving to the Pacific Northwest to begin my career in aerospace.

Fast forward to 2020 and the dream job was cut and I was left figuring out what would be next. Through the emotional roller coaster of finding out that I would be laid off from the one company that I had wanted to work for since elementary school, I learned that even in difficult times brought upon the world by the Covid-19 pandemic and social unrest, that people are still willing to help others. Through the darkness and constant reminder we are not in normal times, there are still positive things happening every second of the day.

What I hope to do is to share my stories with those who have lost their jobs or worse during this pandemic. I’ll share my experiences of my journey from being unemployed to my next adventure. The hope is this inspires you to keep putting one foot in front of the other and to always remember that the situation that you are in may seem like the end of the world but you have faceless friends out there who support you on your journey from the hole you are in and that you are not alone.

We are all human and share the same emotions. From time to time we need to get out of our heads and get different perspectives or seek those with similar situations to find a level of catharsis. I hope this blog doses that. Happy reading and best wishes wherever you are!

If you’d like to read a little more detail about me, check out my other About Me page which has a little more detail of my past.