New Beginnings For 2021

Hey all! It’s my first entry since the beginning of the year and hope you all had a good holiday season. I’ll be trying to make a couple of blog entries each week so bear with me as I continue to lean WordPress and continue to get in the grove of a part time blogger.

I wanted to share my feelings with recent events that occurred in our country’s capital on January 6th. It brought a tear to my eye to see how the anger and hatred that some of these people displayed was over an election result that was due to their candidate not winning. Though I can understand the rights of those to protest the results of the election, what I and many don’t condone are the violent actions as a result of The Donald’s speech and constant stoking of emotions due to the election results. In this case I don’t think you can say it was just the actions of a few individuals. I don’t accept all of the apologists defending the former president and his actions. I think one politician mentioned how he thinks “the president has learned his lesson”. We’ve had four years of giving the Victim in Chief an infinite number of chances. As the old cliche goes, if you keep doing the same thing expecting a different result, that is the definition of insanity.

I am also disappointed that some of the politicians were basically using these people protesting for their own purposes. It is clear in this age of tribal politics that some politicians are trying to capitalize for their own power grab or political ambitions. What they learned from The Donald is that you can break all conventions when you have a loyal base. Accountability can be thrown out the door when you have those millions chanting your name and wearing your red hat with a plagiarized motto.

In the end, we need to accept each other even though we have different viewpoints. We do not need to agree with each other but we can accept that you and I are both humans with different experiences that have led us to where we are in life and our current state and viewpoints. We need to not just speak louder than the other side but try to listen to identify where we are suffering and acknowledge that sometimes, our perspective needs to change in order for us to come to an understanding of the other side. Disagreements should not lead to vilification of the other side as an enemy worse than this county’s foreign enemies.

During the course of the election season and all the shenanigans about a fraudulent vote, I thought about the pledge of allegiance we make to the flag when in elementary school.

I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America.

And to the republic for which it stands,


The last line is rather important as pledging to the fag is our promise that we will uphold these values. What I have seen the past 6 or more years has been the importance of tribal politics and the threat this has on the country upholding the values that has long defined our country and kept it united. It is hard for me to see the country staying united if we have two different visions that people want to take the country and are inflexible to the other side.

How can a football team survive or be successful if the offensive unit is thinks it’s the only way to move the team forward while the defense thinks its approach is the only way? Such a team will only find limited success. I remember seeing this kind of dynamic on the WSU football team my freshmen year. The 1994 Cougar football team had a tremendous defense. Statistically, it was the top defense during the season, trading the top spot throughout the season with the defense at the University of Miami. On the others side of the ball, the Cougar offensive unit was woefully terrible. The offense had moments of brilliance, but the defensive unit carried the team. The disparity in talent on the opposing units was so large that when a classmate asked his biology professor to predict the upcoming weekend’s score for the football team, the professor wrote “Cougar Defense =28, Cougar Offense 3”. The Palouse Posse, as the defense that year was known, would just dominate games and carry the rest of the team with it. In such a case the team was successful but it made me wonder how good the season would have been if the offense was more effective. it also makes me wonder how many battles were happening in the locker room and the difference of opinion going on between units and how much trust the defensive unit had with the offensive counterparts. It felt like there was no unity on the team as the defensive unit was so dominant while the offensive unit was so inept. That maybe the offense was in some ways “sabotaging” the team? Of course both sides wanted the team to win, but each had their own way of doing it. In the final game though, it seemed like the offense finally got it together and played the game of the season against the Cougs rival, the University of Washington, in the Apple Cup and prevailed.

Taking this football analogy and applying it to the nation, much like the disparity on the offensive and defensive unit from the 1994 Cougar football team, we can have a moment of unity towards a common struggle and find our Apple Cup moment where our citizens on both sides find can support each other and work together to find a moderate solution that does not depend on the winner take all approach that has dominated our politics in our recent history.

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